Tuesday, January 25, 2022

2019: Illuminati Will Take Over Nigeria, So Many Mishaps – Prophet Kemi Olunloyo

2019: Illuminati Will Take Over Nigeria, So Many Mishaps – Kemi Olunloyo’s Proprophsy. The famous international journalist and ceo of HNNAfrica is also making a name for herself in prophecy. She has spoken about 2019 and what will happen to Nigerians and the major deaths and the invasion of Illuminati.

Kemi also spoke of the coming elections. She says she sees a Pastor, a businessman and a journalist.

Her words:

In 2016, 1 predicted over 10 celebrities will die of illnesses if they don’t brace up on their healthcare, 17 died with 15 in #Nollywood alone.

This 2019 I see car and plane crashes, murders, kidnappings, armed robberies and other “mishaps” causing the death of movie, music, sports and even political and media celebrities. My crystal ball sees the Illuminati full blown in Nigeria. I’m a media celebrity and urging all celebs to eat, drink and sleep Psalm 19 and 91 with me. 91 is 19 backwards. Pay attention to verses 5 and 7 in 91. Pray this prayer if you are famous, leave the fast life. Remember Psalm 19 and 91.

#Nigeriadecides2019🗳️☑️🇳🇬 I see a pastor,can Journalist and a Businessman. It will be so tied up meaning CLOSE 33% of the votes each. There may be a runoff!

I could not pull out the videos so you have to go to @kemiolunloyo on Instagram to watch them.


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