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28-year-old Man Beats Up His Parents Over Food

A 28-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly beating his mother. He said she refused to buy him a new mobile phone. He added that the poor woman also did not cook his favourite delicacy for him.

The Kenyan obviously disturbed man, Alphonce Onyango, facing charges of assault in Umoja Estate, was also said to have demanded to be served managu (African nightshade) and beef by his elderly mother, Josphine Okoth, who is now the complainant.

Police records say the mother of the accused was cooking for her family when the accused arrived while drunk and started to demand to be served his favourite dish, ‘managu,’ with beef and ugali.

Reportedly, his mother told him that they had not prepared what he wanted. In a fit of rage, the man began throwing a tantrum, threatening to blow his nose in the cooking pot to mess whatever she was preparing for super.

Further, the accused was said to have complained that his younger brother has been favoured by the mother and even gifted with a new phone, yet he was the eldest and deserved some respect.

The prosecution states that the mother brushed him off that he was already grown up, a statement that irritated him in front of other siblings.

For this reason, he began roughing up his mother and threatened to clobber her.

Luckily, his sickly father arrived in time and attempted to cool him down. But he turned against his father and beat him up before vanishing. The parents reported the matter to police who pursued and arrested the culprit.

He, however, denied the charges leveled against him, pleading for leniency.

He was set free on Sh10,000 cash bail. The matter is set for hearing on June 11, 2018.

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