Nigerian Elites Should Judge Us Fairly - Buhari

Four Nigerians who allegedly had a hand in hacking a Philippine bank where not less than $2,000 was stolen have been nabbed by authorities in Manila, the capital city.

The four Nigerians who have denied the accusations are believed to be part of an international syndicate that hacks and siphons funds from banks.

The National Bureau of Investigation in Manila revealed that the suspects were identified after transactions were traced when they hacked a system of one Philippine bank and transferred the proceeds into a different account.

The authority also revealed that one of the suspects’ Filipina girlfriend admitted her account was used to deposit and withdraw money amounting to at least $41,000 which was supposedly for tuition.

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Blank ATM cards and bank receipts also were recovered from the suspects according to the NBI.

The authority said the Nigerians have breached the Access Device Law, Anti-Cybercrime law, and falsification of public documents.

The four Nigerians, who were not identified, in their defense said they were in the country to study and that they knew nothing about the hacking incident.