Monday, November 29, 2021

6-week-old Miraculously Survives Ebola In Congo

A six-week-old child simply called baby Benedicte has survived deadly Ebola outbreak in Congo. The six-week-old infant has been dubbed “a miracle’’ by Congo’s Ministry of Health for surviving Ebola which she caught as a newborn.

“The little girl is called Benedicte and she was born on Oct. 31, so she’s about one and a half months old,’’ Jessica Ilunga, a spokesperson for the ministry said on Friday. Sadly, Benedicte’s mother died during childbirth while also infected with Ebola which has so far killed more than 300 people in eastern Congo.

Benedicte received 24-hour care throughout her hospitalization and is the youngest person to recover from the virus in this outbreak, the ministry said. She is now home with her father and aunt.

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