Tuesday, December 7, 2021


By Ugwumsinachi

First a few questions,

*Was it not the same bank that gifted the federal government of Nigeria One billion for the fight against COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

*Was Herbert Wigwe under some sort of pressure to make the donation knowing that his bank was under such stress? The decision to close down almost 400 branches and lay off over 75% of the bank staff did not start during this coronavirus era.

I will continue with my last point above. The decision to sack its staff (75%) and also shut down almost 400 branches did not start today so he was probably scrambling for reasons when he said in his video that these are realities arising from the effect of the lockdown.

What can we possibly say is the problem here and why has the Nigerian Labour Congress not swung into action?

Is this not going to be another national issue? Have we considered the families affected by this action of Wigwe and his Access Bank? These sacked people, where are they going to? Like I said earlier is this not the business of the Labour Congress? Are they not supposed to call Wigwe and his ‘lies’ to book?

You might ask why I say lies… He explained that he is also taking a 40% cut on his salary. This is the Boss of Access bank and can say things plus he has investments. We are talking about your security men, teller, cashiers, marketers that their salaries are N50,000 per month!

Let me quickly say that this sack process has already started and casualties have already started being recorded. A pregnant staff received her letter and slumped.

Let me introduce myself by saying I have no relative working in Access bank and am no banker myself but this calls for some attention.

An average Access bank staff (Teller/Cashier) is paid N45,000 per month and I will not even bother to mention the conditions these people have to work under. You drag your staff around giving them inhumane targets and small salary only to tell them that after lockdown they no more have a job? Nothing to fall back to? Please help me define wickedness.

This here is another avenue for the Nigerian Government to show us that they are working. They accepted Wigwe’s gift at the expense of the livelihood of vulnerable Nigerians…Access Bank Staff and have failed to address this issue. All the children that have parents affected by this retrenchment will have to stop school till their parents get another job or till Wigwe changes his mind!

This is a wakeup call also to the great Nigerian youths to understand that we are not only facing a struggling government but their subordinates who will donate billions to an unseen cause and allow our brothers and sisters to suffer.

I am not the one yet to call for a boycott of Access Bank and their Wigwe but then let’s see how it all goes. 

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