tweets on LGBTQ

An Arewa activist, Abdulaziz Naibi, blamed the LGBTQ community and homosexuality for the widespread insurgency, kidnapping and bad economy witnessed across the country.

Joining the campaign against the LGBTQ community by Arewa members, Abdulaziz Naibi, tweeted;

LGBTQ, Homosexuality and adultery are the major causes of insurgencies, innocence killings, kidnapping and Economic Recession.

The law in Nigeria states this about “Homosexuality”. “14 years imprisonments for same sex marriage contract or civil union” “10 years imprisonments for anyone who registers or participate in gay clubs, society & organizations”. Stay awake!!!

tweets on LGBTQ

He also gave a fair warning to Southerners, trolling him over the tweet. According to him, they should back off, because they were given a break when they opposed the RUGA settlement.

“Dear Southerners when you unites together nd strongly opposed #RUGA we don’t ask you to stop cause you think it won’t be good to your society So we too #LGBTQ isn’t acceptable in our religion and in our culture. Please give us some rest” he tweeted.

tweet on LGBTQ