Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Actor Odunlade Adekola Called Out In Sex-for-roles Scandal

Top Yoruba movie actor Odunlade Adekola has been called out in a messy sex-for-role scandal. Sex-for-roles has taken the center stage in the Nigerian movie industry and it seems like a monster that can not be tamed no matter how you try. This has seemed because as it is said that even the high and mighty in the industry are practicing it.

The law graduate of University of Lagos who is also a director and producer was called out on Instagram. Continue below;

Hello tueh tueh
Dear Odunlade Adekola,You are a fantastic Actor who has carve a niche for himself in this industry,you are good at what you do BUT you need to stop this S*X FOR ROLES SHIT,it’s been like that since forever and no one is calling you to order,from Taiwo Aromokun(that one that is hiding in US now forming mummy G.O)to Eniola Ajao(that one the moment I posted Odun picture,she blocked me🤣🤣she know say she go appear for inside the story,Abeokuta L*cal champion🤣🤣)I never get your own time,Na Odun carry me come,so from Eniola to Bukola Adeeyo and Many more,Now the latest babe is this small girl named Nike who is also your student.

Dear Odun,you can’t keep doing this,we all should be accountable,we all want a working system in Nigeria,it starts with us,let us all flush the government behavior in us first,allow girls get to the top without hanging their legs,mentor them without opening their skirt,you sef look this Girl well,if you quick born,you go born this small girl now.
This girl too competing with your wife,if no be disrespect😏😏😏😏you play your game well Na why you marry church lady so she no go fit question any of your moves,but until when Odun?Baba Olofa Ina don kuku talk am say na like that Una Dey fire each other for nollywood,but you really need to stop😏😏
Taiwo Aromokun showed your wife shege,same with this Eniola Abeokuta champion,now this little girl,this is a gentle warning to you to seize and desist from hanging girls leg,help them grow without shooking your prick in their holes always,Be a perfect gentle man,don’t allow this small girl continue to disrespect your wife.I come in peace

Actor Odunlade Adekola Called Out In Sex-for-roles Scandal

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