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Actress Who Gave Selena Gomez Her Kidney Shows Her Scars And Reveals She Knew She Was To Be The Donor

Actress Francia Raísa, who donated her kidney to her bosom friend, Selena Gomez has shown the scar resulting from the kidney removal surgery. She also narrated the story of how she came to the realization she was supposed to be Selena’s donor.

In an interview with Self Magazine, the 29-year-old said she kept praying about it and asking God for a sign that she was supposed to do it and the signs kept coming at her from all angles.

She said she felt God clearly telling her it was the right thing to do and at that point, she felt peace.

She said she was warned before the surgery took place that it would be harder for her than it would be for Selena. Selena, according to them, will begin to glow because her body was getting something that it needed, whereas, Francia will feel worse because her body is losing something it doesn’t have to.

Francia also disclosed that after the surgery, she and Selena were depressed but they pulled through together. She earlier revealed she was unable to move for 2 months after the surgery.

Francia has about three scars from the surgery. She said she has a name for the scar in the region of her lower abdomen. She calls it her C-Section scar because of it’s location.

Explaining how the surgery was done, she said: “They inflate your stomach with gas so it could bloat up in order for them to be able to remove the kidney and take them down that trail and take it out like it’s a little baby.”

Watch her share her story in the video below.

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