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Alleged Scam And Amen Estate: Saheed Mosadoluwa, Tells His Side Of The Story, Denies Injuring Adeyinka Igbinoba, ‘All A Set Up’

As a follow-up on the story of how a Lagos based businesswoman, Adeyinka Igbinoba was allegedly brutalized and gravely injured, Reporterswall sort the audience of Mr Saheed Mosadoluwa also known as Ibile to hear his side of the story. During the chat over the phone, Ibile made it clear that he has no idea of how Adeyinka Igbinoba sustained her injuries.

“I was on sick bed when I got the EFCC summons, Ibile went on to say. He said that even when the matter got to EFCC he had no briefing on it. He also added that as at the time when the matter got to EFCC he had still not known who Adeyinka Igbinoba was. Ibile explained to Reporterswall that this transaction that is now tagged ‘fraud’ started with his managers and was initially N120,000,000.00 (One hundred and twenty million naira) for which they deposited N30,000,000.00 (Thirty million naira) instead of N70,000,000.00 (Seventy million naira). He said that now that they want a refund since they could not meet up with the balance there were some percentages that were to be subtracted and this said percentages was the main issue as Adeyinka Igbinoba and her relatives wanted to use their connect at EFCC to strong-arm him even as they know that agents that connected them were already paid

“The ‘fraudulent’ land in question, I purchased for N1,352,000,000.00 and I still have the C of O (certificate of occupancy) till date, I will send it to you. All Yinka has been saying to the media and Kemi Olunloyo’s twitter program has been lies aimed at tarnishing my image and my concern is Mama Amen. I don’t want anything to happen to her because that is what Tunde Gbadamosi wants.

When asked about the injuries on Adeyinka Igbinoba’s leg and what led to it he denied any knowledge. He said the wooden craving in question is very light and not capable of inflicting such injuries as sustained by the victim. He said Igbinoba was only spreading the pictures from the surgery when ever she was asked to tender evidence of her case and nothing more.

He went on to add that the wooden craving fell when Igbinoba hit against the table on her way out of the office at the reception after they finished exchanging words and he (Ibile, asked her to leave his office in anger). Ibile said it was when she left that her mother received a call that her daughter has sustained some injuries, and he joined them to visit her in the hospital but was restricted by her husband.

Reporterswall is yet to speak with Sade Balogun to know her side and also know what led to her locking Mrs Igbinoba out of her house in AMEN Estate. We will also like to know the extent of her connection to the case.

Sent to reporterswall are voice notes recordings between Tunde Gbadamosi and a domestic staff of Sade Balogun and order bank papers of monies held in trust for the said parties pending when the case was withdrawn from EFCC.

Alleged Scam And Amen Estate: Saheed Mosadoluwa, Tells His Side Of The Story, Denies Injuring Adeyinka Igbinoba, 'All A Set Up'




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