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Article by Dr Kemi Olunloyo
February 4th 2022
To the Oromoni family and mob, all I’m hearing is “REST IJN.” I’m not resting at all. Are you now scared the truth is coming out? You are ALL LlARS, CHEATS AND FRAUDS. You have all said AMEN to Sylvester’s mother’s curses on who killed her son. This is why I warned you daft people to STOP saying Amen to other people’s curses.
The REAL killer was her husband and that God of vengeance she mentioned will deal with him. He should be charged for manslaughter. A billionaire who refused to take his son to the hospital two times to save his life. They were consoling the boy with a PlayStation football game instead of straight to a Lekki hospital for a football injury among other things a doctor may have detected. That hospital would have detected an enlarged liver and did toxicology tests to determine what form of alcohol did that damage. Methanol is present in engine oil. Police did not investigate other students as Odumosu said the public pressured him to close the school. I did a lot of research. On getting to Warri where they diagnosed the hepatomegaly, they went to church to receive annointing instead.
The father and his family threw a posthumous birthday party with a cake for a dead child, not a year or two after but days after he died. In the American culture I grew up in that’s an Illuminati sacrifice for money. It’s just not done in Nigerian culture. Was Sylvester sacrificed by his own family? They were giggling and smiling in the videos knowing fully what we did not know at the time: that they denied their boy immediate medical care instead videotaping him in pain and displaying him for the world to see as a bullied victim then ruining the lives of the minor defendants by posting the photos online not caring about any youth offender laws. One of them even lives in Canada and knows that law. Twitter influencer Oluomo of Derby who I scolded even named the Kashamu child. Oluomo is based in the UK and that’s against the law over there.
Oromoni’s next move was to have me a journalist arrested if I did not disclose the source of my facts. He told his illiterate lawyer Femi Falana to petition the police to invite me for making a “reckless statement”about his son. He had something to HIDE. Nigerians were jubilating thinking that I was going to be detained making false assertions. They did not know that I was investigating the family and how they fooled the public. Ignorant Nollywood stars began threatening me, Fake Prophetic narcissist singer and Cashtivists Adetoun Onajobi posted my phone number, alleged home address and other personal information online. Vowed to come beat me and stalked me for over a month. One Ada Ameh actress I never heard about also vowed to beat me, the body odoured Tacha also told them to film the beating when they come to my house. Tonto Dikeh told people to ignore me. Some were fighting among themselves. Solomon Buchi was fighting Blessing CEO. I was even defamed on “Wake Up Nigeria” on TVC. After getting the invite the police were warned by Lagos state officials that Journalists do not reveal the source and they should be cooperating with me instead. Since December 21st 2021, CID has not followed up on my invitation. The case has since closed and everyone released. The CP Odumosu promoted and retired, the entire Dowen School board stepped down and retired, the DPP who released the former suspects retired by the governor, unacceptable by Femi Falana as a “massive coverup” an inquest was opened and the first witness told the court the sequence of how Sylvester actually DIED. His family did not get him immediate medical care on time. Instead they were filming him, trying to gain public sympathy on social media and always running to the media for interviews after the death despite being warned by me early in the investigation and the judge during the inquest. Not only did he disobey the judge but also refused to testify thrice because his request to postpone the inquest INDEFINITELY was declined by Justice Kadiri who was shocked that the same person asking for justice is the one frustrating the inquest. Oromoni wanted the former suspects to testify at the inquest when their lawyers were already representing them.
Falana their cashtivist lawyer who just lost a very big case in Abuja to international lawyer Ned Nwoko showed his incompetence by stopping to attend Oromoni affairs and hearings designated another lawyer at his firm to the case. He was not there anymore as his client’s lies were filtering out to the world and the courts even suspected him of instructing Oromoni Sr of boycotting the inquest. The Nigerian Bar Association representative asked the judge to deal with anyone delaying the case. The different lawyers to the school, minor students, housemasters all complained to Justice Kadiri about their expenses traveling daily to the Epe courthouse now relocated to Ikeja and are demanding compensation as Oromoni Sr has boycotted proceedings three times ignoring the testimony of his Lagos and Warri doctors. Instead he took his son for annointing in a church. I told Daddy Freeze to address this since he had members of his family on the show and he does church related controversy. Tonto Dikeh, Adetoun, Ada Ameh and the rest even Amnesty International have since gone mute like nothing happened. They called me names on TVC, the station’s PR department has not handled my complaints. I’m seeking legal advice on TVC. Oromoni Sr and Falana endangered and defamed me. Odumosu even hosted Adetoun in his office. The Ijaw youth council who hired their own SAN and protested outside the school and also stormed the court premises have gone silent. The police had to surround the courthouse on their arrival.
I lost a lot of money and did not make a penny in advertisements or revenue since December 4th 2021 because I exposed the truth. It’s two months today. The police did not do a thorough investigation on a boy that was allegedly being hazed within school premises by interviewing more witnesses. Their reason: the public mob forced them to shut down the school as Odumosu said on a live tv news conference. Sylvester was suffering from A and B. His father wanted to push the B narrative and not the negligence A. This is the reason why we need more investigative journalists to have dug into this case. I have tried for this country. Instead a Canadian based cousin Annabel Oromoni whose tweet I attached and members of the mob can spew out nonsense claiming I’ve been bribed. May God punish anyone who says I’ve been bribed. I ended investigative journalism in Nigeria December 31st 2021 as announced July 27th. I now teach at my online journalism institute represented @2222mediaschool. Maybe I can convince others to continue where I left off. My book DOAS (Death of a Schoolboy) will detail my preliminary investigation and what I found before I was threatened and persecuted by the public, Nollywood cashtivists and their fans. 9000 phone calls and 768 messages I saved which I can’t post on social media because it’s personal information but they could post mine on Gistlover etc. It will shock the world. Please go lay that child to rest. May his soul finally Rest In Peace. I will continue reporting on the inquest on Monday February 7th 2022. Nobody can uproot me or you because they can’t UPROOT GOD.
Kemi Olunloyo 🇳🇬Pharm.D, PR Specialist and Journalist.
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