''Any Money You Found In France And UK Is NOT Abacha Loot... Buhari Knows...''Details

Nigeria recently received yet another loot that was described as ‘asset’ of Sani Abacha from the United States and N121Bn found In UK, France

Nigerian Journalist Kemi Olunloyo has tweeted some more detailed on the Abacha loot…

*We have a question, with this tweet from the prominent journalist, does it mean that more loots are en route?

She took to Twitter to write:

Any money u found in France and UK is NOT Abacha loot. It is Diezani loot. Goodluck and Ngozi are trying to keep their legacy clean. Alison-Madueke allegedly stole that oil money. She has assets hidden everywhere. Stop soiling Abacha’s name. Even Buhari knows the truth #Kemitalks