Army Arrest Wife Of Corporal Who Called Out Buratai In Viral Video

The wife of Lance Corporal Martins, Mrs Victoria, has been arrested for allegedly granting an interview over her husband’s arrest, SaharaReporters writes.

Lance Corporal Martins came to national reckoning last week when he released a video complaining about the failing war against insurgency in the north-east.

The aggrieved soldier expressly called out Chief of Army Staff, Maj. Gen Tukur Buratai, for the failings of in the war against Boko Haram.

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Shortly after the video went viral, he was arrested and transferred to the Army Headquarters in Abuja. There has been no word of him since.

Days later, his wife granted an interview to SaharaReporters where she said they didn’t know how to cope in his absence.

She said, “A day before he posted the video, he called me to ask for recharge card to buy data but I didn’t send it him because he already told me that he wanted to post a video about the problems they are facing in the army.

“He told me to prepare for the worst. So, I didn’t send him the data because I don’t want him to get into trouble by uploading the video on social media.

“I asked him where do we start as a family. But he said I should man up, that I’ve been the one taking care of the family before now.”

Mrs Victoria said her husband was one, who will not refrain from speaking the truth because of fear or favour.

“Day before yesterday, he was on off and he resumed duty yesterday.

“He made a video call with the children after he resumed at the office.

“Not up to 30 minutes later, he called that they’ve arrested him and they are taking him to the guard room. He said if you hear from me, fine, if you don’t hear from me, fine.

“My husband’s main issue/complaint is that there is no ammunition to fight in the North-East, no ammunition, if you complain it’s a problem.

“They don’t pay them well. Navy get more pay, army don’t get all their allowances that should be given to them

“I can’t hear from him, they’ve collected his phone and his colleagues don’t want to release information about him.”