Sunday, January 23, 2022

Army Chief Buratai Accused Of Extorting Gov Yari Of N600 Million

NIGERIA- A former communications director under former President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr Jackson Ude, has come up with some strong allegations against Gen Burutai, Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff.

The United States-based journalist is known to be a strong supporter of the PDP and has been on the behind of the APC.

Early this morning on Twitter he said:

Gen Burutai, when would you explain to Nigerians why you and Dan Ali extorted N600million from Gov Yari in the name of Security? Whether now or later, you will go to jail. You can hire as many hack writers as you want. You are a thief. Your anaconda dance with me just started

He is also making more allegations, see below.

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