Thursday, August 18, 2022

Bamise: Listen As The BRT Driver Tries To Exonerate Himself (Video)

The driver of a Lagos Bus Rapid Transit vehicle who drove murdered 22-year-old Oluwabamise Ayanwole has revealed why he ran away after the incident.

The driver who was identified by the police as Andrew Nice explained that he ran away as he was overwhelmed by the circumstances that led to Bamise’s death.

Nice revealed this in a minute-eight seconds video clip shared on Monday night by the Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotosho, on his Twitter handle.

The suspect, who exonerated himself in the video, noted that he had no connection with the fashion designer’s death but was only following instructions of her abductors who held him and Bamise hostage on the bus.

Explaining what transpired in the bus, he said, “When those guys showed me their weapons, I couldn’t be myself anymore. Fears took over me and Ï only followed orders from the man with the gun who sat close to me.

“I followed the Carter Bridge, and around the overhead bridge, they ordered me to stop there. And when they ordered me to stop, I was asked to open the door, her assailants came down and started dragging her down from the bus.

“When I saw that she was crying for help, actually I was helpless and I had thought she was still in the bus holding on to one of the irons that could help keep her in the bus. In that process and with that thought, I moved on. And that is just the truth.”

The PUNCH earlier reported that the dead body of the 22-year-old lady who got missing after boarding a Lagos Bus Rapid Transit vehicle was reportedly found with some body parts missing on Monday.

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