Tuesday, December 7, 2021

BBC Wold Cup Reporter Drugged, Robbed In Russia

An English reporter for the BBC was drugged and robbed while working at the World Cup in Russia, and two men have been detained in connection with the alleged crime.

Irina Volk, a spokesperson for the Russian Interior Ministry, said: “as a result of the search operation, a suspect in the robbery of a British national has been detained. Yesterday, the British national reported to the police that he had been robbed in a taxi. As a result of the search operation, officers of the criminal police found the car which the man had taken and one of the suspects had been detained. He is now being questioned.”

The reporter drank a spiked cup of coffee while taking a taxi at 3:30 a.m. on Friday morning before losing consciousness. When he awoke at a Metro station, his bank cards and phone had been stolen.

The reporter subsequently sought medical care, and Moscow police were contacted. Miguel Delaney, chief football writer of The Independent, was also robbed while working in Russia over the weekend

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