Wednesday, August 17, 2022

#BBNaija 2019: Day 1: A New Dawn… 20 Beds For 21 Housemates!

Following a great night of partying and real enjoyment, the 21 new Housemates got to see what will serve as a roof over their heads in the next 99 days (well, for some of them).

Do you have any favorites housemate yet? It only took a couple of seconds before the Housemates started bonding – and within those seconds, they revealed quite a lot about themselves.

The Housemates were reminded that they are in Biggie’s house and should, therefore, adhere to the rules set for them.

Did you get to see the twist? This comes in form of discomfort to the Housemates. How will 21 Housemates get the best goodnight rest with only 20 beds, Biggie? Well…

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