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BBNaija: Difficulty For Housemates To Identify Wildcards, How They Voted

It was a week of subtle intrigue and power play in the Big Brother Naija house. 20 housemates had a whole week to detect who the two wildcards were.  But they couldn’t.

At the end of the day Pere and Maria the wildcards won and the other housemates lost out in the game of tricks, no thanks to the subtle intrigues some housemates I would refer to as the Gang of Four played.

The Gang of Four included Maria herself, Peace the Head of House, Nini and Arin. Though some housemates played one role or the other, the Gang of Four played a major role.

Now Maria and Pere will now slug it out with the other housemates. But the question is, did the wildcards really win and the other housemates lose out? The answer is no. the battle has just begun and the house is currently in disarray. They may pretend to be one. The truth is, they are no longer united.

Here are the reasons the housemates couldn’t detect the wildcards.

  1. Maria’s diplomacy and intrigue was one major factor. She had one week to make friends with the rest housemates and stole their hearts so they couldn’t imagine seeing her as a wildcard. Rather they didn’t want to lose her. She is very close to WhiteMoney. Perhaps that’s the reason Whitemoney, who was the first to name those he thought were wildcards didn’t mention Maria.  WhiteMoney said he knew Maria was a wildcard even long before the voting commenced. But he didn’t vote her.
  2. Maria got the trust and confidence of Peace, Nini and Arin. And they were all busy pointing accusing fingers at others they thought were wildcards. Beatrice was not spared. They all agreed she was a wildcard because she was always keeping to herself and couldn’t mix well with the others. But that was a ploy to distract and mislead the others.

– Proof of that intrigue and subtlety can be seen when one realises that Pace, Nini and Arin didn’t vote Maria. Rather they were calling for JayPaul’s, Liquorose’s and Beatrice’s heads.

As I am writing this story, I can hear Nini telling Maria to forget about the fact that she was a wildcard and that she has a fair chance to win. I can also hear Cross saying she had already liked Maria before she knew she was a wildcard.

  1. Maria is not only smart she is also intelligent. Though she and Pere may be targets for future eviction, if she plays her game well, she will survive. It was a fight for survival, and Maria made sure she survived.
  2. Beatrice herself didn’t help matters. She gave others room to suspect her, as she was always keeping to herself and didn’t mix well with the others. Maybe her actions were deliberate ploys to confuse the rest of the house.
  3. The housemates were busy suspecting the wrong persons, which made the real wildcards to escape unnoticed. Most of them voted Jaypaul and Liquorose.
  4. The wildcards themselves were accusing others of being wildcards and they played the game very well.
  5. The housemates were busy discussing about the wildcards with the wildcards themselves. And that gave them clues to play their games very well.


Many believe Biggie shouldn’t have revealed the identity of the wildcards in the first place. But he had to do so for the sake of transparency. Now Biggie had murdered sleep. The other 20 housemates might gang up against Maria and Pere. But it’s not going to be easy, as the house is now divided. Now, it is everyone for himself, God for us all. Still, alliances will be formed by the housemates to ensure their survival. I don’t see Maria leaving the house soon.

This is how the housemates voted:

    White Money – Voted [Pere and Liquorose]

    Princess – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]

    Jay Paul – Voted [Emmanuel and Beatrice]

    Arin – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

    Cross – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

    Niyi – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

    Angel – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

    Saga – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

    Tega – Voted [Emmanuel and Saskay]

    Emmanuel – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

    Liquorose – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]

    Yerins – Voted [Yousef and Princess]

    Sammie – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]

    Jackie B – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]

    Saskay – Voted [Liquorose and Yerins]

    Pere – QUESS WHO VOTED HIM [White Money and Jay Paul]

    Nini – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

    Yousef – Voted [Jay Paul and Beatrice]

    Beatrice – Voted [Jay Paul and Arin]

    Boma – Voted [Beatrice and Yerins]

    Maria – QUESS WHO VOTED HIM [White Money and Jay Paul]

    Peace – Voted [Jay Paul and Liquorose]

Number of Votes for Predicted Housemates

    Jay Paul – 10 Votes

    Liquorose – 8 Votes

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