Thursday, December 7, 2023

BBNaija: Why Kess, Pharmsavi Were Kicked Out

Kess and Pharmsavi have been evicted from the BBNaija Season 7 house. The eviction of these two housemates did not come as a surprise because of the five housemates listed for possible eviction, they were the ones with the least content. They had little or no vibes while in the house.

Kess, who at 28, was one of the oldest housemates in Level 2, played the role of an elder brother while in the house, giving pieces of advice to fellow housemates when necessary. But, being a married man, he could not vibe with the other housemates, perhaps because of his marital status.

It would be recalled that while in the house, Kess lost his son. He will get to know about this loss now that he has been evicted. The news of his son’s death will definitely shock him. Many fans, while reacting to his eviction, said this is the time for him to be with his wife.

Pharmsavi, on his part, showed some content but could not move his vibes to a more vibrant level. He was stuck at a particular position and lukewarm, neither hot not cold. As a result of that he couldn’t explore his possibilities while in the house.

Meanwhile, In his characteristic way if springing surprises, Big Brother has merged both Levels 1 and 2 houses. Which means that beginning from today, there will be only one BBNaija house.

With this new development, it seems the battle for the highly coveted N100 million prize has just begun, as not only is it going to be more competitive, it is also going to be more individualistic, as it used to be in the previous years. Now it is no longer business as usual, where one level is pitted against the other, but now individuals will have to compete against one another in this zero sum game.

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