Bobrisky Vs FG: Why Compare Him To A Disease? Kemi Olunloyo

Bobrisky and Runsewe

The feud between the National Council of Arts and Culture Director General, Segun Runsewe is still on. May have even got worse after the DG masterminded the scattering of the cross-dresser’s birthday party that he claimed cost him millions.

Nigerian journalist, Kemi olunloyo has waded into the matter.

She has detailed a little history between her and the DG and also how she tried to speak to him about the matter but hit a brick wall. She was also saddened that Bobrisky was likened to a ravaging disease.

Read her submission below:

I grew up with Segun Runsewe as a kid in the London, UK days. He was a great down to earth keeping it real boy. Segun is now the National Council of Arts and Culture Director General.

However this clampdown on @bobrisky222 Idris Okuneye is getting out of hand. I have called Segun three times, he’s always in a meeting says the PA.

I’m not a fan of using disease states as form of verbal abuse. I’ve warned several of you to cease and desist from calling me a “Yaba Left patient or go and take your drugs” if you don’t agree with my Intelligent discussions.

Zlatan Ibile and I got into serious fights over kid comedian Segun Wire. Our fight was in the DM. He said I will die of Cancer and my children will never progress in life. Today my children have progressed more than ever, I’m yet to have cancer in any part of my body, Zlatan dropped Segun Wire and focused on his own career which has since blossomed.

Naira Marley ended the Zlatan beef on a #LIVE video the nosy bloggers missed cos they are busy not concentrating. I forgave Zlatan as Naira told him I’m a mom to both of them and he apologized on live. I’m proud of Zlatan’s success.

Ebola has killed over 13,000 people between 2014-2019. Ebola killed more in the 90’s in Central Africa before finding its way to West Africa. Bobrisky hasn’t killed a single person.

How can Idris be WORSE? Why compare him to a ravaging disease? For Segun to say Bob is worse than Ebola simply because you hate cross dressers or LGBT people puts our country at risk on being labeled a “hate country”.

No doubt Segun has revolutionalized the cultural aspect of Nigeria but we must not infuse hate into it. If this were, US, UK or Canada, Bobrisky would have sued him and Segun removed way before that lawsuit and even charged with a hate crime. I’m calling for Segun to please APOLOGIZE to Bobrisky on labeling him “worse than Ebola”.

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As a retired 30 year US trained award winning Pharmacist from the White House, using disease states to compare public figures or any Nigerian as a matter of fact is demeaning. All those doing it on SM SHOULD STOP as well!! Go bless Nigeria.
#WellnessNigeria CEO

Dr Kemi Olunloyo

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