We all know baby Beniah, the baby that found his way to everyone’s heart after the dramatic display of his father after being told that his baby has some days to live and there was no reasonable help coming.

The baby was born with multiple holes in his heart.

Well, Kemi Olunloyo has made some findings and they are shocking! And the questions are really shocking also. See her post below:

Those of you who donated to this scam. Who is Lexy Mueka? You’ll be shocked how you wasted your life savings on an elaborate Facebook scam and the scammers have not committed a single crime. An 8 member operation with unsuspecting Celebrities aiding donations with no media involvement.
Lexy posted the story that got your vulnerable pockets open. This is the same scam style with the Pastor Adeboye Facebook.
Stay tuned for the Documentary on YouTube.com/HNNAfricaTV