Thursday, January 27, 2022

BREAKING: BUSOLA DAKOLO And Tumise Oluyede Were Not Raped!

This is really coming as a shock and I believe I won’t be alone. If you know Journalist Kemi Olunloyo you will know well to never underestimate or even disregard her work. The rape case against COZA pastor is still making rounds on the Nigerian media and even worldwide.

Olunloyo has come out saying she has finished the investigation and with archives, she made some convincing report.

Bear in mind that Kemi was also first to report that Timi pulled down his wedding videos, edited and reported.

Read some of her tweets below:

As an investigative Journalist since 1994, I have determined that Busola Dakolo & Tunmise Oluyede were NOT RAPED. I repeat, they are NOT Rape victims. RAPE is a serious crime, accusing a man of rape falsely is DEFAMATORY regardless of their socioeconomic status. Evidence is deep!

I have completed my investigation of #COZA and will submit my findings to police, Dakolo and the Fatoyinbo lawyers. It is shocking, full of lies, deception, rhetoric and Innuendos that will rock the Christian community. We are a religious nation with dignity #IJcoza #Cozapastor

#IJcoza #Cozapastor #COZA What I derived from my investigation so far is that these women may have had past sexual encounters with Pastor Fatoyinbo, something I cannot confirm yet because they forced him off the pulpit. There are several conflicting statements that don’t add up.

#IJcoza #COZA My first line of action was to see Busola’s

interview that she was disvirgined by #Cozapastor #biodunfatoyinbo. However Timi told me and another media outlet in 2013 he disvirgined her. That presents a conflict. Busola and Timi lied about her virginity.

a tweet

a tweet with three people

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