Busola Dakolo

And it still the battle still continues as more breaking news emerges in the rape allegation against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo by Mrs Busola Dakolo. Kemi Olunloyo has tao social media taken to social media to let us in on some exclusive.

Earlier today, we reported that the case is now in court, but in another report, Fatoynbo denies getting any summons.

Busola Dakolo

Read below Kemi Olunloyo’s exclusive:

Police investigators say they tried according to a close source in the investigation but they are gearing up to DISMISS Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo case due to a lack of evidence. Phone and travel records extensively studied, Busola Dakolo and Fatoyinbo faced off in an extensive rape investigation. She changed her timeline into actual dates. No forensic or physical evidence. Family members refused to be questioned on her behalf.

In fear of a DEFAMATION SUIT by the pastor she filed a civil case demanding N10M disguised as an apology advert. Church spokesman told me exclusively that if she needed N10M the Fatoyinbo foundation could have given her that but instead she resorted to blackmail and extortion. No word yet on if the pastor will countersue her. Mrs @aishambuhari has reportedly been notified of the fair investigation. I conducted my own 60 day independent investigation July 1st to September 1st 2019. Video details on my bio. I guess this may be final end of my investigation. The report is being wrapped up now. Once again the POLICE DID NOT SUMMON Fatoyinbo to court. His lawyers will likely represent him in 14 days and is not required to appear. .
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