BREAKING! To All Nigerian Youth, I'm Here For You. WE MOVE! - Kemi Olunloyo Joins #EndSARS

Nigerian top journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, after declaring her stand with the Nigerian youth last week has taken it all to another level as she has now joined the #EndSARS movement.

She made this known in a post on her Instagram page.

Read it below:

To all Nigerian youth, I’m here for you. WE MOVE!
Good morning🍞☕Nigeria🇳🇬
I had a talk with some key members of the #EndSARS movement and they told me “Dr Kemi, your platforms carry weight, pls continue to get our voices out to them” aka #NigeriaGov. I SUPPORT the plight of the Nigerian youth and will return to blogging today. I have been FIGHTING ASO ROCK ever since I returned home 2012. Both PDP and APC have ignored my calls on “Not Too Young to do ANYTHING” The problem is we are RECYCLING leaders. 2023 is for the youth. #EndSARS is just the tip of the iceberg. I am part of you. I will always be💚💪🏾
Finally: To all Naija youth, pls don’t engage in anarchy, do not destroy property, loot or break the law. Continue protesting your needs. Pls add my Hashtag #60yearsoffailure to your main tweets #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #ENDBADGOVERNANCE
God Bless the Youth and God Bless NIGERIA 🇳🇬💚


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