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Video: Ex-COZA Staff Accuses Pastor Fatoyinbo, Wife Of Rape

Yet another rape victim has also spoken up against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, as she revealed that COZA founder’s wife, Modele Fatoyinbo might be aware of her husband’s alleged sexcapades.

In the new video shared by YNaija, the anonymous lady who was given the tag ‘X’ revealed that she joined COZA church in Abuja in 2009, and the church’s only music team Avalanche offered her sanctuary at that time. She had no relationship with the Fatoyinbo’s at that time but she was already in their orbit, as most of the church members who serve in public positions like the choir are. She had grown up in a conventional christian family but had never experienced the fervor and devotion to Christian doctrine that defined fundamentalist christians.

According to the lady, her relationship with the Fatoyinbos became more intense, after Modele took an interest in her. She began to extend opportunities for X to work intimately with her, handing her small responsibilities in the church’s administration, and graduating into the opportunity to care for the Fatoyinbo’s youngest son Ephraim. Her bond with Ephraim and the Pastor’s other kids, brought up the discussion of becoming the boy’s guardian abroad.

X didn’t see the red flags because the opportunity was in line with her desire to do more within the church, and kept the bond she had made with Fatoyinbo’s children. Before long, she was living abroad, in one of the cities where the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) has branches across the world. Modele had done the job of hiring her but X’s position also required her to work closely with Pastor Biodun, who visited her city regularly to minister to his congregation there and spend time with his children who were schooling in the city.

At this time she considered him a mentor and a father figure. So it didn’t seem weird to her to go see the pastor at home. Pastor Biodun had started their meeting innocently enough, he talked about something to do with church. Things moved pretty swiftly from there. She was seated on a long couch, and he left his seat and came to sit on her couch. He moved swiftly, trying to pull her into a hug and kiss her.

She remembers thinking to herself, “I had known him, not only as a mentor but as a spiritual leader. I’ve heard him preach, I’ve heard him talk about God; and there I was, about to witness him do the complete opposite of what he stood for.”

She kept asking him to stop, appealing to his conscience as her spiritual father but he didn’t listen. He allegedly undid the buttons of her jeans and took off her trousers. It was a couch and there was space to wiggle, but she didn’t even think to grab anything she could use as a weapon. She was just too shocked to react, he had just put his hands into her underwear.

“Just relax.” He said, as he took off his trousers and forced her legs apart, convinced he had her subdued. All through the period where he allegedly raped her, she tried to reconcile the person she called her spiritual father with the man on top of her. After the alleged rape took place, he walked her to the door and sent her on her way, convinced she would not talk.

And she didn’t, she stayed silent and he returned to Nigeria and his Abuja congregation.The alleged rape happened in the last quarter of 2017, but she stayed on working within the church till July of the following year. According to her, the incident showed her how much power over her life she had relinquished to the Fatoyinbos. She was at the mercy of the church, dependent on them financially for her sustenance, shelter and community.

She further revealed that the alleged rape shook her faith, and forced her to reevaluate everything she knew about God and Pentecostal Christianity. The distance gave her time to process her circumstance and plan her exist strategy. X further revealed that Pastor Fatoyinbo called later to apologize to her after Busola Dakolo went public with her rape story. According to her, the COZA founder claimed that Busola Dakolo seduced her at the time of the incident. He also suggested financial compensation to ensure her silence.

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