Saturday, February 24, 2024

Buhari Rejects 3 National Assembly Bills Based On Fund Appropriation

President Muhammadu Buhari has withheld his consent to 3 bills passed by the national assembly.

The bills are the establishment of Police Procurement Fund, Chartered Institute of Public Management of Nigeria bill and Nigeria council for social work set up bill.

Yakubu Dogara, speaker of the house of reps, made the announcement during plenary on Tuesday.

He read from a letter written to the lawmakers by President Buahri.

Buhari in the letter said he withheld signature to the bill on police procurement because of the lack of clarity on the distribution of funds.

He added that there were also constitutional concerns regarding the powers of the national assembly to appropriate funds covered in the bill.

The President also said the rejection of the bill on the chartered institute of public management of Nigeria and that of the Nigeria council for social work was due to lack of clarity in their provisions preventing members of the institute and council respectively from practicing.

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