Friday, June 24, 2022

Cambridge Analytica Already Set Up A New ‘Mysterious’ Data Firm Before Declaring Bankruptcy

Read the BusinessInsider report below:

The power players behind Cambridge Analytica set up a mysterious new data firm last year — and there is speculation that it could be used a rebrand vehicle after Cambridge Analytica was shut down.

Business Insider reported earlier this year that Emerdata was incorporated in August 2017 by executives at Cambridge Analytica, which was abruptly shuttered on Wednesday.

Citing two sources familiar with the plans, The New York Times reported that Emerdata could be used to rebrand both Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCL Group.

The Times called it a “Blackwater-style” operation, a reference to the infamous private security firm which changed its name to Xe Services after Blackwater contractors were convicted of killing 14 Iraqi civilians in 2007.

The Blackwater comparison is even more resonant when you consider that Johnson Chun Shun Ko, the deputy chairman of Frontier Services Group, is listed as a director of Emerdata.

Frontier is a private security firm which mostly operates in Africa and is currently chaired by US businessman and prominent Trump supporter Erik Prince. Prince is best known for founding private military group Blackwater US and is the brother of US education secretary Betsy DeVos.

Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer, daughters of hedge fund tycoon Robert Mercer, also joined the board of Emerdata earlier this year, according to public filings at Britain’s Companies House.

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