Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has openly kind of set Chef Chioma ‘aright’. Kemi reacted to a picture the chef posted on Instagram which also advertised her outfit, saying it’s from @Dunesabuja (she looked stunning anyway)

Kemi called on the Chef’s management raising questions about hygiene and her posing on the cooking counter. See what Kemi wrote on Instagram and see her post right below.

Ubi!!!! It is a cooking show!!!
Never let her sit ON THE COUNTER!! Not hygienic and palatable for the food. That’s like BBQing a 🍗 chicken next to an accident scene with dead bodies on the road. Kills the appetite. @dunesabuja it’s not a fashion show about brand fashions. Don’t mix the mall placement directly in the cooking show and could these cooking episodes START already with the YouTube episodes glaring on posts? I’ve produced newscasts for 25yrs and can do better than this? Some of you cooking better take my advice while Chioma is still wasting time. @ubifranklintriplemg pls TAKE ACTION. She’s not notable for anything yet except being David’s girlfriend. Wikipedia makes her notable not a verified badge purchased for $5000. @thechefchi start making meal episodes. I’m a retired journalist now and have more time as a media critic. Take my advice and brand yourself. Be known for something.
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