Saturday, November 27, 2021

Chief Daddy Hits Highest One-day Box Office Total For 2018 With N22.2 Million

Chief Daddy of EbonyLife Films’ has continued to confound industry observers with its record-breaking cinema run even in the midst of a crowded Christmas holiday movie schedule. On Boxing Day, 26th December, the film amassed a staggering N22,245,957 – the highest box-office takings for a Nigerian film in a single day during 2018 and one of the highest one-day totals ever. In the same vein, Chief Daddy garnered a massive Christmas holiday (December 24, 25 and 26) gross of N50,272,509 – just short of the N51.6 million The Wedding Party recorded in 2016, but some way behind the Christmas box office champion, The Wedding Party 2, with N71.4 million in 2017.

Positive reviews from fans have sparked a mad scramble for tickets in Nigeria and Ghana, since the holidays began. Cinemas nationwide and in Accra are reporting sold-out shows all week long, with some screenings selling out hours before their start times. Many cinemas have resorted to increasing the number of shows to cope with the demand, with up to 8 per day at some locations in Lagos.

The Niyi Akinmolayan film opened in cinemas on Friday, December 14th and has maintained the number one position for local movies since then, despite competing with a strong lineup of holiday releases. In its opening weekend, the movie sold N41.6 million worth of tickets, making it the second-highest opening weekend for a Nollywood movie this year and the third-highest opening weekend for a Nollywood movie in history.

Along with Hollywood superhero blockbuster Aquaman, Chief Daddy is the ‘must-see movie’ for the holidays. It continues to receive a remarkable 96% approval rating from Google users and lots of glowing reviews from excited viewers. This is the fifth consecutive number one movie for EbonyLife Films, following Fifty, The Wedding Party, The Wedding Party 2 and The Royal Hibiscus Hotel.

Chief Daddy is showing in cinemas across Nigeria and in Accra, Ghana.

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