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Chief Ramon Adegoke Adedoyin, Owner Of Hilton Hotel, Oduduwa University And Poly Ife Accused Of Killing (Audio Recording))

Reports are coming in of one Chief Ramon Adegoke Adedoyin who owns Hilton hotel, Oduduwa university and the Poly Ife and his reported connections to ritual activities in his hotel and schools. The latest is the reported killing of Mr Timothy Oluwadare who lodged in the hotel when he travelled to write his MBA exams.

The report (handle) has it that several people have gone missing in the school and have no traces.

In one report, the Instagram handle said:

The face of a Ritualist in Osogbo, I tell una say Doyin end don come , una no believe, this will be his last victim , I promise again , a lot of report about students dying and going missing in his school, Oduduwa university has been going on for a while now, but this will be his last victim, commissioner of police, i hear say una wan Dey do like oloriburuku, you won’t want to try that with me , I can bet you, as person life don Dey involve now, una don k*ll Timothy, I will advise the commissioner to cooperate with the people and allow justice take its course, if not, if not, I no go talk pass that one, Una go get una own children go Dey use people children for rituals , Ooni of ife must not keep quiet on this too, information reaching me is that he is the friend of the former Ooni, that one no concern me oo, JUSTICE, JUSTICE, JUSTICE #justicefortimothy Adedoyin oni lo( you won’t go scot free) i come in peace

In another report, the Instagram handle reported:

The sudden disappearance of Adekoge Timothy Oluwadare from Hilton hotels and resorts owned by Chief Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin is still a mystery yet to be uncovered.

We recall Timothy Adegoke who was confirmed missing on the 6th of November from an hotel he lodged in to write his MBA exams.

Initially the hotel proprietor chief Adegoke denied that Mr Timothy Oluwadare lodged in his hotel after the wife discovered the receipt of the hotel her husband lodged in.

On the 11th of November, investigation showed that Mr Timothy transferred the sum of N37,000 to a lady by name Adedeji Tobiloba Adeshola bd t dtisof the transfer showed that it took place on the 5th of November where the wife claimed that her husband call to have checked in to an hotel💁🏽‍♀️

Upon tracking the phone number on the said account, it was discovered that the owner of the number was at the Hilton hotel the moment the transaction was done. The police moved down to the hotel and found out that Adedeji Tobiloba was a staff of the hotel‼️

She was apprehended by the police and she confessed to allocating Room 35 to Mr Timothy… Her confession led to the arrest of 6 other suspects one of the suspects said to be a self acclaimed alfa who said he left ile ife for Ejigbo on Friday.

Before the Alfa’s confession, police tracking showed that Timothy’s phone was moved from Ikea Ife to Ejigbo between 5th and 6th of November 2021.

On 13th November, Chief Adegoke mobilized 3 lawyers at Oshogbo in order to pervert the investigation process.
The police also seem to be compromising in their investigation process🤷🏽‍♀️

Now the question is
What must happened to Mr Timothy Oludare and what could Chief Rahman Adedoyin be hiding⁉️

And Why did Chief Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin Asked his staffs to Erase Timothy Record from Hotel Attendance 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ we are still coming for you {please 👉🏾Swipe } and follow don’t miss out.

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