Chinese Medical Team To Depart For Algeria For COVID-19 Fight

You will recall that when the Chinese doctors arrived in Italy, the curve spiked and around 900 people died on a daily basis, then the Chinese Journalists arrived in New York and over 1000 people died daily surpassing Italy and European countries.

Donald Trump, President of the US clearly accused them as Chinese Agents disguised as Journalists and Doctors who moved around to spread the virus, then expelled the Journalists. The fight on twitter between Morgan and Hua/Lijian then escalated. They are the State Department Spokeswomen of both US and China.

The Chinese government will send a team of medical experts to Algeria to help the country fight the COVID-19 pandemic.The team, organized by the National Health Commission, consists of 20 medical experts, including 15 from southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality and five from China’s Macao Special Administrative Region. These experts, specializing in areas including respiratory diseases, intensive care, infectious diseases, and laboratory testing, will fly to Algeria on early Thursday morning.

Lets not forget that Nigeria had only 6 Covid deaths when the 15 Chinese doctors arrived here Nigeria. Now we officially have 4971 and 164 deaths but in reality over 2500 have died in Northern Nigeria of a MYSTERIOUS illness no authority has been able to determine.