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Chronicles of Amoda 10: How A Drug Trafficker For Amoda Started Working For Gov. Sanwo-Olu And The Mc Oluomo Story

We have come a long way on these Chronicles, and it just continues to unravel. This is as posted on Instagram by Gistlover. You can find Part 9 here.
Continuation:so they use the likes of the famous celebrities back then , it’s Mc OLUOMO that was always arranging them then, apart from Mc OLUOMO and Emoney who are his main men , Abu Abel is also part of the team , he is in charge of 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️(no be my mouth una go hear that one ) he was a known cultist back then and when anyone is blocking the way of Amoda Abu Abel takes care of such person , apart from being in charge of that he is also in Charge of all the loud being circulated in Nigeria , I will also like to address something shortly but I will do an extensive post on them later , 80 percent of missing organs cases in Nigeria are not YAHOO BOYS as termed , as a matter of fact 80 percent of it are orders from above , even some check point policemen will get calls to vacate their check point because some silly operation wants to go on there and they will obey them the next morning you did read on news papers and blogs that yahoo boy cut lady breast , yen yen yen, that’s the narrative they put online , yes yahoo boys indulge in such but just few , the rest are from top, those seeking power,make I no cut story into two , we will come back to that later,so the picture above was when NDLEA mistakenly burst one of Amoda girls , she carried cocaine for Amoda while pregnant and was bursted, because aside actresses and actors those days they also pick hungry street girls to help them , so this lady was bursted and it was all over the media but as he is in Amoda team it was covered up and now he is back campaigning for Amoda , a lot of young people lives were destroyed , a lot .some died, some lost it ,type funke Phillips on google and see things for yourself, when the issue happened they all distance themeselves from her then

Back to Fashola matter , he wanted to sue Bukky at some point but Amoda came forth and told him point blank that if he tried to sue he will make sure he exposes the all fake contract he is been awarding all the while,he will make sure all newspaper take up all the scandal, that was how Baba accepted his fate and managed to push through and was still remiting to Amoda through prophet Esther Ajayi and the rest till he lef

Chronicles of Amoda 10: How A Drug Trafficker For Amoda Started Working For Gov. Sanwo-Olu And The Mc Oluomo Story

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