Thursday, December 7, 2023

Chronicles Of Amoda 11: Dear NDLEA, How Did The Case Against Sanwo-Olu’s Drug Trafficking Aide End?

On this part of the now popular chronicles of Amoda, we are looking at the way the case of drug trafficking against Lagos state governor’s aide ended. Her name is Funke Phillips. SHe is said to now be an aide of the sitting governor of Lagos, Mr Sanwo-Olu. Read part 10 here, part 9 here.

It is reported that the case of her drug trafficking and arrest mysteriously died owing to her affiliations to Tinubu.

She was reportedly hitherto a hand of Bola Tinubu for his drug dealings. Read the report as written by Gistlover.

Dear Nigerians and Twitter People , we should start asking question, This girl that was caught , how did her case end , but if it’s ordinary poor man child smoking Igbo una fit give am jail term, Dear @ndlea_nigeria we need to know how this case ended , this girl is waking freely after been caught , what is good for the poor too is good for the rich , if not una go Dey collect woto woto if you come after poor people wey no get connection , Dear @ndlea_nigeria for the last time , take 🎤, start taking, we are taking this to Twitter , if you can’t provide a good explanation on how una do Funke Phillips case I think make una no catch anybody again , I see all the oriburuku cut and join damage control wey una Dey do for una page , explaining how many drug lord una don burst in the last two years , epele ooo, alaroye plc, you all know who the father of Drug is but you choose to look away , instead you are decorating his boys with ambassador @ndlea_nigeria gba 🎤 soro soke. I come in peace

Chronicles Of Amoda 11: Dear NDLEA, How Did The Case Against Sanwo-Olu's Drug Trafficking Aide End?

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