Monday, October 3, 2022

Chronicles Of Amoda 13: Meet Tinubu’s Mistress, The Mother Of Yinka Earlier Mentioned

Let us meet a said mistress to ‘Amoda’. She is said to be the mother of Yinka mentioned in one of the chronicles. She also said to be a channel for money laundry for Amoda. Read part 12 and part 11

See how it was reported on Instagram:

Hello tueh tueh , ii Dey come ooo before we continue Amoda story , let’s meet Amoda mistress that gave birth to the Yinka in my story , she kept changing name just to hide so hand won’t touch her , she was paid off and Amoda uses her and the son to launder money , they bought over 6houses in the boys names and many more in the mothers name , here are some of the houses pictures , how una Dey, shall we continue ??? Meanwhile they’ve been tracking my location since last week , I kept getting notifications because I set on notifications for it , as them see say them no see the thing track , they sent somebody to come beg say make I skip Seyi part biko🤣🤣🤣na that Seyi part carry all una yeyebrities, i Dey come make I go chop first so I go get strength to type today . I Dey come

Chronicles Of Amoda 13: Meet Tinubu's Mistress, The Mother Of Yinka Earlier Mentioned

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