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Chronicles of Amoda 14: Governor Fashola’s Se.x Tape; Funsho Williams’ Assassination

So Governor Fashola’s sex tape with Kiki Okewole fell into the coffers of Amoda, and he used it to force Fashola to do his bidding without many questions, and whenever Fashola tried to do otherwise he was brutally reminded of the consequences. Read part 13 here, part 12 here, part 11 here

This part also talks about how and why Lagos popular politician, Funsho Williams reportely died.

Read below:

Fashola has to endure and dance to their tune till the end of his tenure even though he tried all his possible best to break out from it bu the moment he fell for the trap from Amoda he lost it ,then another saga happened , Fashola was dating the famous Kiki Okewale , the wife of Dr Okewale the owner of st Ives hospital , one way or the other that was how their tatata video leaked, they didn’t allow the video go viral before picking up the journalist that did the story,they made him sleep on the cell for a week and deleted all of the videos on his flash, Dr Okewale was disappointed and this almost cost Kiki her marriage , before we say Jesus is lord the video got to Amoda and that was another sort or blackmail for the governor,he got tired of all the whole wahala and succumb totally , he did the little he could do even with his right hands, then after Fashola Tenure , Amoda choose Ambrose as the new governor and continued the remitting and godfatherism cycle , just immediately Ambode was elected in may 2015, a court re opened funsho Williams murder case against Amoda , because those days there were lot of speculation that Amoda was behind death of a popular politician that was loved by the masses, his name is funsho Williams , he contested against against Amoda and won but the result was manipulated, seeing that he will soon finish his eight years on the governorship seat back then and Funsho might be a threat to his cartel if he becomes governor of Lagos state and it will also block his godfatherism way, Funsho was assaninated in his house in dolphin estate in the year 2006, that’s one year before Amoda finished his 8years term, a lot of people were arrested in respect of the death , even the former minister of works(Kingsley adeseye Ogunlewe) , funsho campaign manager was arrested and one other random guy that was later poisoned in the prison because he mentioned Amoda’s name , Amoda denied knowing the guy and before we know what was going on it was revealed that the guy had fever in the prison and died but but it was all lies , you know those days the Media was not as active as the recent media , it was just newspaper and journalist of

Chronicles of Amoda 14: Governor Fashola's Se.x Tape; Funsho Williams Assassination

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