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Chronicles of Amoda 17: Gov Ambode Of Lagos Knew How Dangerous Amoda Can Be; How Sanwo-Olu Became Governor

On this episode of Chronicles of Amoda we continue as it was posted on Instagram. Governor Ambode reportedly know the dirty games of Amoda and all he was capable of, so he came prepared. Read part 16, part 15, part 14

According to the report, Ambode was playing along but at some point, like Fashola, became tired and went rogue and Amoda went dirty on him. It was at this point that a puppet was used to replace Ambode in office, denying him his second term.

Fashola believed it was sponsored by Amoda and Ambode to cover up for the new tenure, he got angry and threatened to spill a lot of secrets , it was messy , the media went agog with the news then but they bribed some of the media guys to take down the gist , long story short the godfatherism circle continued, up to the the level of the current governor in Lagos , Ambode too at some point in time change am for Amoda, he got tired of remitting too, Ambode knowing how dangerous Amoda can be played his game tight, he knew all the dirty games they played with Fashola so he came prepared, make we no drag the matter sha , amoda still found a way of doing him dirty by making him loose out in his second term , Ambode fought dirty with him , even publicly , amoda succeded in removing him them replace him with this Highest puppet ever liveth( Sanwoolu) This one is remitting Lagos money to amoda on a steady , you see him doing body guard for Amoda everywhere, standing beside Amoda and folding his back,Amoda decides what happens in Lagos, even Nigeria as a whole because aside the northern elders that Put Buhari in the presidency seat, Amoda did a major role and they struck out a deal that they will get him all the northern votes when it’s his own turn to rule ,y’all know power lies in the north , if you check the key post in Nigeria , it’s held by northerners this is why the Boko haram/bandit brouhaha can’t be eliminated, they know those in charge of this thing which Atiku is a key member, you see a repentant bandit being forgiven , Amoda knows all these things and he took to their conditions just because he wants them to vote him in after Buhari, they got a northern Vice for him, he initially wanted to use one of his boys but the elders on the table refused (king of boys🤣🤣) they gave him the northern guy , the reason is because they had an agreement of allowing him rule after he helped them win the last election , the northerners knowing his real age and how unfit he is , they decide to give him a nothern Vp, according to them power must not leave the north, so per adventure Amoda kicks the bucket while ruling the nothern VP can take over, there are lot of atrocities and

Chronicles of Amoda 17: Gov Ambode Of Lagos Knew How Dangerous Amoda Can Be; How Sanwo-Olu Became Governor

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