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Chronicles Of Amoda 2: Bola Tinubu Broke The Rule To Not Have A Child

This is part 2. Read part one here

Before the girl’s death , the father of the girl who is the famous Kafaru Tinubu and the brother the the Famous iyaloja, Adopted mother of Tinubu , the father planned on her schooling in the USA, the whole process was done and intact before the girl died , as at that time , Abibatu mogaji needed to test the capability of his newly recruited boy , so she talked to his brother was was a top police officer then, that is there a way ,Amoda ogunlere can use the deceased daughter traveling visa And document to travel to the USA , the only challenge they had then was the gender issue , the late Bola Tinubu is a girl, the new person who wants to take over her visa and name is a boy, it was not easy to achieve but with Abibatu connection and name back then they later succeeded , that was how a proper hardened drug baron was born.

The iragbiji boy first operating went smoothly as he was super smart and daring those days , naso iragbiji boy transition enter USA, those days traveling was not hard as it is now , no stress at all, so he was shuffling Lagos and USA and was working hand in hand with Abibat and some famous drug lords for Eko back then,long story short, he met his first baby mama during this course and that one gave birth to his first son, Jide Tinubu( late ) there were issues then as Abibatu mogaji told Amoda point blank that having a family or child is not safe for their kind of business, that was how Amoda couldn’t build his first home because of the deadly Job they are into, long story short , he got another lady pregnant and that one gave birth to folashade Tinubu ojo( current iya oloja) gist Dey on folashade too but we will get there , the work was going smoothly and well, those days been a drug baron was like been an hired killer, you need to be ruthless and be able to improvise , you need to be able to handle gun well in case there are issues and a life needs to be cut short so there won’t be yawa, the work was going on smoothly and Amoda was getting promotions , then boom , on one of his flight from Lagos to USA, he met a beautiful air hostess, her name is Bunmi Oshonaike, they exchanged contact and their love story started, the rule was not to have

Chronicles Of Amoda 2: Bola Tinubu Broke The Rule To Not Have A Child

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