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Chronicles of Amoda 20: Davido’s Baby Mama Sophia, Dru.gs, Addiction, Deaths… The Ugly

It seems we are approaching the concluding part of the chronicles, and yes it has sure been a long ride. There is really not much to say from here. Read part 19, part 18, part 17, part 16.

Continuation: Even the husband knows the major cause , its coke overdose, she fought so hard to stop the addiction then but wasnt easy for her , and na Amoda introduce the beauty queen to coke , he gave her lot of connections too and state jobs worth billions then.i no mention name oooo because its not a good thing to talk about the dead but then the person wey cause the addiction needs to be exposed so others can learn and be contented.

Another popular customer na Sophia, that one and Seyi they always high on cocaine steady. Those days Seyi will invite lara and Sophia and have threesome with with signed agreement and recordings,Sophia na on and off addict, immediately she got pregnant then she was missing off the scene , those wey sabi her parol then told Davido family and it was messy , they even collect pikin for her band so she doesn’t influence the little girl then , after the whole saga she tried to stop it but you know addiction now , Seyi has a lot of threesome recordings, akosa and mercy eke own Dey , una Snapchat big girls own full ground , they all signed consent form and was aware but couldn’t resist because of the money involved , you see all of them shouting city boy up and down and you feel they don’t know the candidate they are hyping is not the good one , they do but they have no choice , to continue getting invited for the orgies and meeting the big big fish in the government they need to push for Amoda , seyi’s father, lot of them are damaged beyond repair with coke but got no choice. So for people crying and saying I spent much time in amoda case I don help una summarize am, you all think it’s easy , you sit behind keypads and yarn dust , run am if he Easy now , now that’s a summary of APC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE POPULARLY KNOWN AS BOLA AHMED TINUBU BUT ORIGINALLY AMODA OGUNLERE. So if after the series you still find him worthy to rule Nigerians, feel free to vote him, na una right, oniya yin loma je eyi to po (get a translator ) ire ooo🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
I will do a detailed series of what went down on October 20, 2020 later.

Dear Atiku, come forth, Iwo Lokan🙄🙄🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️Dear Reno, get ready to do damage control . I come in peace

Chronicles of Amoda 20: Davido's Baby Mama Sophia, Dru.gs, Addiction, Deaths... The Ugly

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