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Chronicles Of Amoda 3: Tinubu Made A High Name In The Drug Industry

This is part 3 of the Chronicles Of Amoda as written by Gistlover:

Continuation : The rule was not to have a baby together just pure enjoyment , because as at that time, Bunmi Osho was also a big fish , rolling with the high and mighty because of her type of job , she gets to meet people of class and calibre , so either of them wanted the pregnancy , one thing led to another that was how Bunmi Got pregnant , it was such a hard blow on Amoda as he didn’t know how to tell his Boss/Adopted mother, so he suggested that Bunmi aborts the baby, Bunmi stood her ground that she won’t abort any baby, they sha had the baby and named him OLUWALOSEYI ENIYAN KO, so the child of that day is now the famous Seyi Tinubu, not many knew Remi is not the mother of Seyi Tinubu, as at the time of birthing Seyi, Tinubu had made a high name for himself in Drug industry, he started jobs himself, alot of people he met in the industry were cleared back then (if you know you know) you can’t be a drug lord and attain a level without having multiple bloods on your neck, they can pass for hired assassins, long story short that was how Tinubu started running his own empire , back then after trying to leave all his former boss and start his own proper drug empire , he has Issues in the US , he was almost bursted , he had to run back to Nigeria for a while to lay low and during those periods he got a job with a oil and gas company as cover up but still run his main business underneath, it was after he ran back to Nigeria he met a beautiful lady called Balikis Oluremi odugbesan, this time around, Amoda is not serving any boss again so he has determined he was going to settle down with a woman since he is trying to lay low too, he should use the period to quickly marry a woman properly as he already has 3kids out of wedlock , Remi sister did the introduction and all things went well, their marriage produced 3girls, Zainab Abisola tinubu, Habibat Tinubu and Olayinka Tinubu is the last Girl, telegram to see pictures, although they are trying to keep the last child picture off the media but I will sure get it soon, meet me on our telegram page , this story is just starting as these are just brief introduction and not new to some people, main gist coming …

Chronicles Of Amoda 3: Tinubu Made A High Name In The Drug Industry

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