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Chronicles Of Amoda 4: Bola Tinubu And The E Money Connection

This is a continuation. You can get part 3 here, part two here and part one here:

Continuation:So after getting married to Remi And God blessed them with 3girls , many do not know they have children together and the rumour been peddled about is that Remi didn’t give birth to any child for Amoda, well it’s the cases of the kids that don’t make them flaunt them kids often , Yorubas will say , Ile ta ba fi to mo, iri ni yi o wo( A house built with saliva instead of blocks , will in no time be brought down by the dewdrops) such is the case of Zainab Tinubu a spoilt brat from the womb , it is not just Zainab, check most politicians children , you will understand better , Zainab started taking drugs at an early age and this damaged her a lot , even after purchasing lot of properties with drugs money for the kids and made them stay all their life in the Uk, they still didn’t make Amoda proud, currently Zainab is in Bronzefield prison in England,it happened that after taking her drugs as usual that day , she went on the street to assault a police officer in the Uk and she was charged, The parent tried all they could just to make sure the matter was buried but it didn’t work , it was while in the prison they noticed she had metal disorder and they had to transfer her to the mental home ,As it is now , she shuffles both ,now Amoda needed to re strategize when because the police were already on his trail in the US , so he needed to find a way to Establish his Drug cartel on Nigeria without having any government issue , so he devised a means to find his way to the top in politics in such a way that even if he kills anybody in Nigeria and they find the gun on him , he won’t be questioned , that was how he ventured into politics, but he made sure his cartel was running well , he needed to hand over and face politics squarely plus he spent a lot of money just to get key post in a short while and of course his target was to recover even more while on seat, this was how he met a young guy on the street of Apapa who was a freight agent , his name is Okonkwo Emeka…. Rings a bell right ?? EMEKA MONEY. EMONEYYYYY, to be continued…..

Chronicles Of Amoda 4: Bola Tinubu And The E Money Connection

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