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Chronicles Of Amoda 6: Bola Tinubu, Lagos Governorship And The Real Drug Empire

As you already know, this is a continuation of part 5. You can find part 4 here. Be sure to read part 3, part 2 and part 1. 
This is a chronicles of a report by Instagram popular blogger, Gistlover. Continue the read below:

Continuation: before Emoney came on board , he had one very trusted guy that was in charge of his cartel then, the guy was from isale eko,, it was the guy who held down his empire before he met Emoney, remember I said all those Emoney met didn’t matter to Amoda again as he made Emeka the head of his cartel , long story short he won the governship seat in 1999, that was when the real drug empire started, he made sure he used his power to secure Lagos state to his own advantage, he made most of his boys who are into the drug business with him , he made most of them A king, that’s why you see touts scattered all over the place calling themselves kings , he gave some various appointments, one would think he is a good man for doing that not knowing it’s to his own advantage , in the sense that there is no where in Lagos state that Amoda can’t commit crime and go scot free it’s just a call, he actually achieved it , the Main lagosians amoda made them beg for breads while bringing in foreigners to rule over them except for some strong places in Lagos where the tradition is very strong and the kingship seat can’t be bought or replaced , after making sure that Lagos is under his feat, he wanted more, he wanted the whole of Nigeria under his feet so he can run his business smoothly , so he can at least go after some of his seized properties in the US using the guise of a president , that was how he graduated from making his boys a king to giving them keypost in Nigeria so at the end of the day , they all report the Affairs of Nigeria to him , all along since emoney took over from the other isale Eko guys , division came into their midst, long story short the isale Eko guys was pushed into the third mainland bridge water and his corpse was found the third day with a tire on his neck, the family wanted to cry to the public then but was threatened and the matter was hush hush .

Amoda made a plan while on seat as a governor he made sure all other governors that will rule Lagos state must be from him so his business doesn’t flop, so after getting Lagos he felt he needed to go home and secure his hometown too, on getting home things were not the same , the father biological fa

Chronicles Of Amoda 6: Bola Tinubu, Lagos Governorship And The Real Drug Empire

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