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Chronicles Of Amoda 9: How Former Lagos Governor, Fashola Was Framed With Pregnancy And Almost Sold Lagos Via Bukky Wright

Sequel to the Chronicles of Amoda, this is part 9 as posted on Instagram. This part continues to tell of how Nollywood popular actress Bukky Wright was used to frame Governor Babatunde Fashola with a pregnancy that did not exist. (Chronicles of Amoda 8)

The then governor bought the sleek actress properties worth million of naira and many others before she came up with the story of pregnancy.

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Cont: those days Bukky Wright was one of the hotties in town , she came in bringing a movie proposal , it was all arrange by Amoda boy( Mc OLUOMO ) so after they met and one thing led to another they started going out , Fashola did a lot for Bukky Wright back then , he bought her a house in Omole , then another house on the island close to Ajah, things were going on smoothly, between both parties , Bukky Wright was living the baby girl lifestyle with Lagos state money ,then boom she came with the story that she was pregnant and she won’t take the pregnancy off, Fashola got scared and needed to protect his name , he promised to do whatever she wants , she was paid millions to get rid of the baby of which there was no pregnancy anywhere , second thing was she brought in Mc OLUOMO telling him to award some contract to Mc, he awarded the contract and they carried amoda along , Amoda seeing how things were going also vow to expose Fashola if he doesn’t do his bidding,Fashola had no choice than to bow to pressure , infact during all these issues Fashola had publicly disgrace Amoda at an event , he called his bluff at that event and told him point blank that he has ruled in his own time and he, Fashola is the one in charge now , he should allow him do his thing, that didn’t sit well with him and they made sure Fashola paid for every single act of his , same way thing he did to Ambode, that ambode part long( we will ge there ) .

One would think after the whole fake pregancy blackmail it would end there , it didn’t however end as it was from one blackmail to the other , they even blackmailed him with his nudes, it was that bad , they ruined all his work, he kept struggling to work, the one he achieved during his tenure was done with plenty struggles , Amoda made sure he cut all his wings , and then the circle continues, it was after all the work executed for Amoda and his gang, Bukky stayed for a while then relocate finally , I forgot to add this earlier, MC OLUOMO is also one of Amoda trusted allies, those days they use actors and actresses to carry out their drug business as they are public figures and have access to travels without restrictions back then , Suwe, wun

Chronicles Of Amoda 9: How Former Lagos Governor, Fashola Was Framed With Pregnancy And Almost Sold Lagos Via Bukky Wright

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