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Chronicles Of Amoda 1: The Reported Story Of Bola Tinubu The Drug Lord

Popular blogger Gistlover who is known for releasing scandalous stories aimed at revealing the true person in question or aimed at correction is now writing a lot on Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is a presidential aspirant under the APC. 

A lot had been reported about Bola Ahmed and his ties to drugs and all but this time gistlover brings us timeline names and dates as these events unravels. The stories are yet to be confirmed or denied by the Tinubu team but what is known is that many fingers have been pointing to the dirty drug related past of the presidential aspirant.

Read the first part of the Chronicles.

Hello tueh tueh, GLB Nation, the most anticipated story is here,The real story of the Nigeria Pablo Escobar, if you are a film maker or storywriter, this might just serve as one story you don’t want to miss , everybody get your chair,popcorn and juice, it’s about to be a movie , Ema bami kalo.

Once upon a time , a boy was born on March 29, 1935 in a small town called iragbiji osun state to the family of Ogunlere , ambitious , bright but the parents were so poor, after giving birth to him, they left iragbiji to Ibadan where he had his primary school education, while growing he was a smart and brilliant boy in class but stubborn , on different occasion his parent were summoned because it’s either he is gang fighting his classmate or he is missing school, long story short , bright boy finished his primary school was to be enrolled to the junior secondary school, that was the last the parent heard of him, he made up his mind to go fend for himself in Lagos, those days Lagos island women are the real deal, so when he left Ibadan headed straight to Lagos island, there he met a woman who was then the woman leader of the Awolowo Action group, a very rich and connected woman, her name is Abibatu Mogaji, the woman interviewed her seeing he is an item picked interest in him , the woman took him in and he was working as the woman house help, he cleans the house and do little little things in the house, although the woman have house helps in the house but she choose to just put Amoda through some test, them the test began , she gave the boy series of loyalty test and he passed all without flinching, there and then she vowed to adopt the boy but does, lest I forget , apart from been a successful business woman , Abibatu mogaji was also one top drug dealer back in the days, if you are born those days you did know drug barons were everywhere on the island , they still exist now but because of the media a lot of things are now coded,so seeing Amoda as a smart boy was a plus for him, senior brother to Abibatu mogaji then just lost his daughter , the name of the daughter is BOLA TINUBU, the girl was just ill for a little period of time then passed on,before her death, she was

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