Kemi Olunloyo ig message

From Kemi Olunloyo, read below:

Thank you for talking to me yesterday Agent Patrick @fbi In Los Angeles who is in the #80nigerians global scam investigation. Some of you still laugh that I’m talking to big people in news and forget any journalist can make these calls.

No Nigerian journalists ever talks to foreign entities and that’s what makes me unique. Many are in fear of the #AsoRock coming after them.

When I call the Federal Bureau of Investigation all they need to see is my three verified accounts calling me the Great Journalist of Nigeria then record my conversation for quality assurance purposes. Igbo people start counseling young people in your ethnic group. Your ancestors worked hard and hustled.

They made knock-off shoes and bags along with other merchandise. With no copyright laws we purchased “Igbo made” goods. We ran to Aba market to purchase original plastic goods, Innoson made the first car, @flyairpeace of the Onyeama family run the best airline, Betty Akeredolu started the first Breast Cancer foundation, I can go on and on.

Why are you not following the legacy of your forefathers? You just wanna steal from the world. You trafficked so much drugs into Asia, many executed in Thailand, Indonesia and India. You are smart but not intelligent. The Yoruba and Hausa pilgrims trafficked theirs into Jeddah. Igbo rarely go to Saudi pilgrimage and not Muslims.

Don’t post ethnic lists on my page to prove anything to me. I’m an international journalist and I’m very tribalistic. I will call ur tribe out since your government cannot do without choosing officials without tribes and zones. Clean your image. Teach your youth now and DISOWN Nnamdi Kanu.

The IPOB boys are dying in #PHMax. Another two died last week. What killed them? Hunger! You sit there wishing me prison not knowing what’s going on in there. 90% of the armed robbers in there are Igbos. Nathan and Oga Omu bring many in from Owerri.

My boyfriend is from Owerri and the guys that robbed Zenith bank in the viral video were my errand boys at #PHMax. JJ & Uche got N20 daily from me just to go buy my daily foodstuffs at Welfare. Welfare is the prison supermarket. No more Igbo crime pls. FEAR GOD!

#DrKemi Olunloyo