Congratulations Ngozi Okonjo; I Predicted They Will Not Pick Her Because... Kemi Olunloyo
Nigerian journa;ist, Kemi Olunloyo has extended her congratulations to the newly appointed Director General of the World Trade organisation, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

Kemi had before now predicted that the former Nigerian finance minister will not be picked for the prestigious position and she has not further explained her reasons for saying so.

Nigerians had thought that the journa;list’s position was as a result of something personal with the now DG.

Kemi Olunloyo took to her instagram page to explain it all. She also stated the reason of her stance.

Read it below:

#BREAKING Congratulations to #ngoziokonjoiweala on becoming the Director General of the World Trade Organization. Though the South Korean candidate also had good chances, I predicted that they won’t give her because of Nigeria being a corrupt country and that dual citizenship.

The whole pledging allegiance to two countries especially the Americans. Well this is history in the making as yesterday America DID NOT ENDORSE HER.

The #EndSARS anarchy mayhem also was a factor I cited. She won the votes and did a global tv PR campaign so this brings a historical moment for her to change the trade war for the better.

The trade war caused the fight between China and America leading possibly to the #COVID19 epidemic as some have stated that one of those two countries UNLEASHED the virus. Now a Nigerian woman is in the middle of curing the trade war.

Shame on Diezani Maduweke who was the Nigerian woman leading OPEC till she allegedly looted and fled. Pls read my deep analysis. Ngozi must now address how trade and investors can benefit Nigeria after Buhari destroyed the nation more with this #LekkiMassaccre.

I grew up with Ngozi, Njide, Chichi and the other 6 brothers in University of Ibadan as children when our parents were lecturers and professors. We later lived together in Baltimore, Maryland🇺🇸 then Southern Maryland when she met Dr Iweala and married.

Njide Okonjo-Udochi her sister later became a medical doctor and I became a clinical pharmacist at the same hospital @johnshopkinssph and we lived together on Monument st Baltimore. Long history but as a Journalist this is what archives are for. Congrats “Aunty NGO”