Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Couples Death: Activist Accuses The Nigerian Army Lying

The Facebook activist who goes by the name Dino Cee has raised some points that cannot be swept under the carpet concerning the death of the couple ho where on their way to their home town to traditionally tie the knot. 
It was earlier reported that the couple were killed on their way for their traditional wedding.

This is how it was reported;

A couple who were personnel of the Nigerian Army have been murdered by yet-to-be-identified assailants in Imo State.

A military source told PUNCH that the woman was first raped before she was shot dead along with her fiancé.

The duo were later beheaded.

The source said the couple were travelling to the state to formalise their traditional marriage rites when the incident happened, adding that the criminals made a video of the incident and circulated it online.

The source said, “They were on their way to Imo State on Saturday when the incident happened. The man, a Master Warrant Officer, and the woman, a Lance Corporal, were on transit when they met the criminals who killed them and made videos and circulated online. The woman was raped before they shot at them and cut off their heads.

“The man was a member of the 19 regular intakes while the wife was of the 79RI. The man still has a father; his brother is also a soldier working at a battalion in Kaduna State.”

The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, confirmed the incident, adding that the Army was investigating it.

He vowed that no stone would be left unturned to ensure that those who committed the crime were brought to book.

He said, “I have received information about the cold-blooded murder of two of our personnel who were travelling home for their traditional wedding formalities.

“This is a dastardly act unleashed on our personnel by some criminals. The Nigerian Army has commenced investigations to unmask and bring to book the criminals behind the murder.”

This activist thinks otherwise and has posted some reason.
Read them below and tell us if you agree with him.
I want the general public not to believe this lies from the Nigerian army that this two military officers were killed in Imo state on their way to their traditional marital rites, it is all excuse in advance to go into Imo state and kill as many innocent Igbo youths as they likes and justify their killings with this already concocted lies, but if you do not believe what I am saying here then ask yourselves or the Nigerian army this simple questions.
1. Where in Imo state were this army officers going to?
2. What are their identities?
3. Why are their identities being shielded except their pictures only or are Nigerians not supposed to know their heros who was murdered by criminals amongs us?
4.How could the Nigeria military authorities release a photo of two army officers and claimed they were killed and refused to tell us the town or village they were going to and hailed from?
I am not speaking for their killers but only asking why the services and loyalty of this two gallant military officers to their country being derided in posthumous instead of honor? Are Nigerians also not supposed to know the complete identities of this soldiers so we can mourn them even if not because they are military officer but because of those that knows them in person and or feels that they were connected to them from anywhere?
My conclusion is that this report are lies aimed at justifying the past and the planned future killings in Imo state and Igbo land in general.

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