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This dust is still not settling and it seems there may be no settlement soon. Just a little background to the story and a little reason for this. Stephanie Busari is the CNN Correspondent for CNN Africa. Busari has always made her stance on the Dakolo case very clear.

Stephine jumped on Twitter to attack Kemi Olunloyo since Kemi always says she also worked at CNN. A seemingly ‘disgruntled’ Stephanie was not going to have it and decided to call out Kemi for ‘a few ramblings for some of the shows in 2009’.

Stephanie Busari was definitely referring to the 2009 appearance where Kemi Olunloyo was involved in Canada, the Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab story. Farouk, the son of the Chairman of First Bank who became a terrorist trained in Yemen. It was reported that Farouk Abdulmutallab put a bomb in his pants and then boarded a plane going to the United States with an attempt to blow up the plane.

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Kemi was the only journalist with information about the young man. She brought to light things that were hitherto unknown about him.

The journalist must have found offensive the ‘a few rambling…’ and decided to engage Busari who she claimed was still in school when she was with CNN. Kemi was not going to have Busari rubbish her years of work and experience.

The journalist and pharmacist decided to school Busari. See screenshots below:

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Many journalists are beginning to LOSE their jobs because of the Dakolo case. First it was three people at @punchnewspapers. Two editors and a cartoonist who had Fatoyinbo urinating on a Bible. __ Now comes @cnnafrica Correspondent #StephanieBusari who's shameless attempt to discredit my 20 year work history in 5 capacities @cnn FAILED. When I started contributing my talents to CNN starting 1994-2014 as a content producer, viral ireporter, guest expert and contributor at Larry King Live (as the only Nigerian reporter on that show twice) American Morning, AC360,, Now defunct CNN Radio, CNN Medical in Washington now CNN Health, Busari was in secondary school at 17yo. Ignorance does not excuse stupidity. I have worked for & in the Washington, New York, Los Angeles bureaus as well as CNN Center and world headquarters in Atlanta. It is untotally called for to engage my resume/CV history on her work platform because of her failure to get the Dakolo story on air. I understand how many people are sympathetic to Busola Dakolo's fabricated story but keep emotions out of it. Journalists must come for the truth not be neutral. I am the only reporter investigating this delicate story with a web of falsehood that you reporters with big Media outlets should be doing. Something similar happened with Morayo Afolabi Brown of TVC last week as well questioning my battle with #PTSD. The damage is so extensive that I cannot fix it anymore. More and more people are using it against me questioning my work. I forgave Morayo knowing what can happen at TVC to avoid a firing bloodbath over there. Media professionals must be careful in this sensitive rape case. I will be in touch with CNN Public relations later this afternoon to file a complaint calling Atlanta, USA. I'm not a Busola or Biodun sympathizer. I'm only standing for the truth. PERIOD! #kemitalksmedia #kemiolunloyo #IJCoza #Nigeria #kemiolunloyo #cozapastor #cozaabuja #cozagate #pastorstepdown #pastorbiodunfatoyinbo #biodunfatoyinbo #BusolaDakolo #TimDakolo #HOTR #IJKemi

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  1. Unlike Kemi Olunkoyo, that woman is a journalist. She is aware that you are a liar. You don’t have freedom to harass people on behalf of Kemi. Kemi will probably harass this woman. If I were you, I would back off. You will go to prison.

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