Saturday, August 13, 2022

COZA Rape: CHURCH BROOM, Timi Dakolo’s Alleged Trolling Twitter Account

More are still coming out on the COZA rape saga. Going by Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo, the singer, Timi Dakolo, opened a twitter account @churchbroom as he could not handle the heat from his Instagram page.

The @Churchbroom when we visited says Pastor Biodun (‘this dog called @biodunfatoyinbo’) raped his wife sister and COZA has a money laundering means. It called on the EFCC to investigate.

Kemi also posted two accounts that she alleged that was opened by Timi where he tweets in his wife’s voice.

As of this moment, the account that was opened in August 2019 has 315 followers and is following 139 accounts.

Read Kemi Olunloyo’s post below:

#ijcoza FINDINGS

These are all @timidakolo’s FAKE Twitter accounts. He could no longer tolerate the trolling on his Instagram page so he started tweeting. Church broom is his unleashing alleged COZA secrets where he says he launders money for the church and that Pastor Fatoyinbo also allegedly raped his wife’s sister. The other two he’s tweeting in his wife’s voice even later saying his wife is not on Twitter after tweeting the ghost handler to contact him. Timi doesn’t know I’m on 24 hour watch on Twitter where I’m a prominent global influencer. Meanwhile @BDakolo is still active. I tracked all 3 ACCOUNTS to his mobile number opening them. Twitter support works well with we Investigative Journalists ABROAD.

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