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The silence is not very loud and deafening. And it all goes to beg the question… why… what is going on? Why are big names in media not covering the case? Even trolls are now basking on their silence.

But seriously is there something we missing? The only journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, on the case is being trolled. She asked:

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Kemi was the first to note that there was a loud silence from media giants. See what a Youtube troll posted:

tvc interview She wrote:

Can someone answer this question from the YouTube troll? Remember the hosts of the show themselves actually said I made myself the “star of the investigation”

Why has no media house touched the case and investigated it? When I was about to interview @biodunfatoyinbo one media house wanted to give me a camera crew to get a piece of the action but I declined. None of these outlets employed me. Then Shonibare and Adamolekun forced the pastor off the pulpit. Dakolos won’t talk to me and Nigeria is telling me I’m one sided?

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What do you think guys?