Pastor Paul and the dakolos

Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo is apparently rounding up her investigation on the rape accusation against Pastor Fatoyinbo by Mrs Dakolo. We are bringing this specially because if you know her articles then you will know they come with questions and more revealtions.

Read below her submission.

#IJCOZA FINAL July 1st-September 29th 2019

Who in the Pentecostal pastor cabal actually sponsored the Dakolos to lie on an innocent pastor accusing him of rape?

Why is Busola now claiming #ptsd symptoms seeking treatment after I revealed to the world that she was crying for days June 29th 2019 asking to talk with Fatoyinbo and Timi responded by calling me mentally unstable and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his wife.

Why didn’t any Nigerian media outlet investigate the couple’s case? Why did Pastor Busola Olotu say she didn’t like Busola’s activities aka sleeping around a lot, something everybody knew about with her numerous affairs.

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Why did Timi refuse paternity of her first child in a Vanguard newspaper INTERVIEW? These are many questions that still linger but most SOLVED by me. #IJCOZA ENDS HEREđź’Ą My independent finding suggests the Dakolos were in it for EXTORTION. All aspects of their story was conflicting. Family members refused to testify.

Their own pastor Paul Adefarasin who ALLEGEDLY called my dad to attempt to have me back out of the Investigation by telling an 84yo man Kemi is being threatened by an Igbo Journalist has now DISTANCED himself from the Dakolos.

Timi and Busola reportedly no longer attend House on the Rock #HOTR Lekki. They bought disgrace to themselves and their church. They now have no church home and facing a N50M lawsuit from @biodunfatoyinbo. Just as Timi appeared on a concocted “live video from London” boasting he makes N10M a weekend, he’ll probably show up in another one soon in front of HOTR church.
Thank you for following the 90 day series #IJCOZA Investigative Journalism of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly “Rape Scandal allegations by Mrs @busoladakolo” I took 60 days to unravel this case July 1st to September 1st 2019. Please standby for the Nigerian Police Force Investigative report. Be aware, no single Journalist or media house touched this case. Most told me there was no forensic or physical evidence and plenty of conflicting stories. Also the other rape victims totaling FIVE including Busola and Tunmishe that Chude Jideonwo of YNaija interviewed were never revealed by reasons best known to him.