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Looks like to be on the unpopular side of an issue is now an issue. This is as Sinem-Bilem Onabanjo takes Kemi Olunloyo apart for her side and role on the Fatoyinbo-Dakolo rape case.

The columnist is calming Kemi has taken sides with Fatoyinbo and is now questioning if she has a personal vendetta against the Dakolos. Calling Nigerians gullible, she said they do not do their research. Intellect numbed with multitude TV series and TV game shows.

In a reply, an obviously upset Kemi Olunloyo wrote:

Once again MOCKING MY #PTSD because of the Dakolos. Many people have gone down on the media on this. A single Journalist covering a story nobody else is covering and y’all have audacity to question my work instead of doing your own findings?

Meet a Turkish reporter Silem Bilem-Onabanjo (@sonabanjo) for Guardian Woman a section of the Ibru’s paper meant to celebrate women TORE ME DOWN IN TODAY’S paper. It was my oldest son 33yo in America that googled me on the #kenyavsnigeria hashtag thing and spotted this.
I sent her this message: “Pls pull your article online in Guardian Woman and apologize in the paper immediately. You defamed me and mocked a mental disorder I battle daily #ptsd and for your information not all of us use LinkedIn. I left that platform in 2007 after the class action suit. You really upset me and my children today. This needs TO STOP! I will be seeking legal advice against the Guardian.
Dr Kemi Olunloyo”

First it was Morayo on air who I forgave, next Busari questioning my @CNN work record, now this woman married to a Nigerian and telling readers I sprung out of the clutches of a mental state I battle daily? Even calling Nigerians gullible? The ones I teach daily are not Silem. I show them receipts and empower them. Media women, listen up! BE CAREFUL HOW YOU ATTACK ME ON THIS DAKOLO CASE because you are sympathizing with a woman who faked a rape story. I have nothing else to say other than talk to my lawyer😠😠😠 #PTSD #ptsdsurvivor #ptsdrecovery #ptsdawareness #posttraumatic #posttraumaticstressdisorder #posttraumaticgrowth #DrKemi #kemiolunloyo #kemiptsd